THE WEEK IN FISH by Tim Sughrue

Mother’s Day Week in Seafood 5/6/19

1.SOFT CRABS ARE ON!!! ALL THE FLOATS ARE FULL OF PEELER CRABS!!  The soft crab shedding operations on the Outer Banks of North Carolina will be working overtime this week carefully shepherding the peelers as they come out of their shells. It is not uncommon for a large shedding operation to have as many as 100,000 peelers in […]


1. 7 MILLION POUNDS A WEEK OF LIVE LOBSTER!! – Large areas off of northern New Brunswick and most of Prince Edward Island can set pots tomorrow, April 30, and then the onslaught begins. Estimates are between 75-80 million pounds of live lobster will be landed in the next 8-10 weeks in Atlantic Canada waters only!!! The catch, […]

The Week 4-22-19

1. CHESAPEAKE BAY ECOSYSTEM UNDER DURESS – The onslaught of constant rainfall over the last year is taking its toll on the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay. Virtually all the soft shell clams in the Bay have died because of too much fresh water. Many of the oyster bars around the Bay have experienced about a […]


1. THIS FRIDAY IS “GOOD FRIDAY”!! With Easter being this coming Sunday, “Holy Week” has some of the highest fish demand of the year. Anything that even smells like fish is worth money. 2. PLENTY OF FRESH HPP VENZ JUMBO THIS WEEK! For the first time in two weeks, the supply of fresh Venezuelan crabmeat will meet or […]


1. VENZ CRABMEAT PRODUCTION ON SHAKY GROUND.  Between the electricity outages and fuel shortages, it is a wonder they can produce any crabmeat at all. Demand is outstripping the supply. Prices are inching higher each week. We have crested the $21 mark. I hope this is it for increases but not totally sure.   2. LOCAL OCEAN […]

So Many Bluefins!

1. SO MANY BLUEFINS THEY ARE A NUISANCE! At the Boston Seafood Show, I had the pleasure of spending some time speaking to Captain Wesley of the 99 foot F/V IVY ROSE. He and his family fish some of the most productive sword & tuna fishing grounds in the world off of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Capt Wesley […]