THE WEEK IN FISH by Tim Sughrue

This Week in Fish: July 1, 2019

1. FRESH VENENZUELAN CRABMEAT GETTING SCARCER – Aside from the huge hurdles (lack of gas for crab boats, fly meat to Panama first then Miami) the Venz shippers are dealing with each week just to get fresh crabmeat to the US, the live crab catch in the Lake is falling. Prices are inching up each week. […]

This Week in Seafood: June 24, 2018

1. SHARKS ATTACKING SHRIMP BOATS IN NORTH CAROLINA !!! There are so many sharks in the coastal waters off of North Carolina, they are regularly attacking the shrimp trawlers’ nets, causing the fishermen to quit shrimping. So imagine you are trawling for shrimp in the ocean and you can tell your net has a few hundred pounds […]

This Week in Seafood: June 21, 2019

1. LARGEST OYSTER SELECTION TO CHOOSE FROM – we currently stock 36 varieties of half shell oysters from across the country. Your guests will never get bored because you can constantly change your lineup !! Ask your sales rep to email the inventory daily !!! 2. LOCAL MAHI GOING GOING GONE ! As predicted, the […]

This week in Seafood: June 10, 2019

1. SECOND RUN OF SOFT CRABS STARTING IN NORTH CAROLINA – After two straight weeks of begging for any live soft crabs we could find, it seems there is another smaller run starting in the Pamlico Sound behind the Outer Banks. There are a few shedding in the middle Bay also. Prices have softened a bit to more […]

This WEEK in SEAFOOD June 3, 2019

1. HARD CRABS COMING ON – SOFT CRABS GOING AWAY – As is customary after the first big shed, hard crabs become plentiful (because they get hungry and have lots of room to grow inside their new shells) and soft crabs become very scarce. There will be a handful of jumbos and whales daily that […]

Week beginning 5/28/2019

1. SOFT CRABS TIGHTEN UP DRAMATICALLY – The thing about live soft shell crabs is that they have the unique ability to disappear overnight. Late last week they shut off like a light switch in most areas of the Bay. The ONLY area a few peelers are shedding is the upper Bay (Kent Island to […]

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This Week in Seafood – Monday, May 20, 2019

1. US DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION STOPS ALL FLIGHTS COMING FROM VENEZUELA – The supply of fresh HPP Venezuelan crabmeat has been severely restricted because of our government’s abrupt change in policy. Our suppliers’ plan now is to find alternate routes (not direct) to get the meat to Miami. It looks like they will fly to Columbia then to Miami or […]

THIS WEEK IN SEAFOOD 5/13/19 by Tim Sughrue

CHESAPEAKE BAY BLUE CRAB POPULATION VERY HEALTHY! l Governor Hogan was proud to announce the results of the winter dredge survey showing the blue crab population is up 60% from 2018. Adult females were up 29% to 190 million and adult males were up 38% to 80 million. The juvenile crab population doubled to 324 […]