THE WEEK IN FISH by Tim Sughrue


Jessup, MD – (February 18, 2020)- Stanley Pearlman Enterprises Inc. is pleased to announce that after more than 21 years with the company, Jonathan Pearlman has been promoted to President of Congressional Seafood Company. Congressional Seafood Co, which provides the mid-Atlantic region with high-quality seafood products, is a division of Stanley Pearlman Enterprises, Inc. Pearlman joined […]

This Week in Seafood: February 18, 2020

NEW ITEM! FRESH LARGE GEORGES BANK HADDOCK FILLETS – Taste the sweetness in every bite of our domestic large haddock fillets. Trawl caught on the Georges Bank, 60 miles east of Cape Cod, the beautiful fish are sold at auction daily in New Bedford Massachusetts. Haddock have a far superior flavor profile to the more traditional […]


1. LOCAL CAROLINA BLUEFIN TUNA BONANZA – GIANT BLUEFINS in the 500 lb. category have showed up in a big way 35 miles east of Oregon Inlet off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our very own Exec VP, Tim Sughrue was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to accompany Capt. Jimmy Hahn of the F/V Allison […]

This Week in Seafood: February 3, 2020

THIS WEEK IN FISH FEBRUARY 3, 2020: 1. CORONAVIRUS AFFECTING PRICING ACROSS MANY SEAFOOD CATEGORIES — We are just beginning to see the real time effects of basically a “quarantine” of the country of China. China has 1.6 billion people and, next to the US, are the second largest consumers of seafood in the world. […]

This Week in Seafood: January 27, 2020

CORONOVIRUS OUTBREAK HAVING IMMEDIATE EFFECT ON SEAFOOD! This weekend’s Chinese New Year was not a happy one. The Coronovirus has had a massive impact on the daily life patterns of the Chinese. Public gathering places such as food markets and restaurants have been nearly deserted in some areas. Much of it by decree from the Government. The […]

Winter Newsletter 2020

ORP Announces Congressional Seafood Co. #1 Shell Recycler again for 2019.

The Week in Seafood: January 20, 2020

1. ATLANTIC SALMON MARKET WAY SHORT OF FISH AND RISING FAST – A warehouse collapse and missed harvests due to weather has the salmon market in a tizzy. EXPECT DOUBLE DIGIT PRICE INCREASES. The global shortage of Atlantic salmon is the consequence of several factors. The normal surge in holiday demand combined with a constriction of supply did not improve in […]

This Week in Seafood: January 13, 2020

THEY CAUGHT SO MANY FRESH SHRIMP LAST WEEK IN NORTH CAROLINA, THEY TOLD THE BOATS TO STOP! In a scenario that seems to be the “new normal” now in winter in Carolina (because of climate change), some of the highest shrimp catches of the year now come in January. In the “good ole’ days” not […]

This week in Seafood: January 6, 2020

1. LOOK FORWARD-LOOK BACKWARDS – As we enter the next decade, it behooves us to take stock and look back to where we (collectively the seafood industry) were at the start of the last decade and compare to where we are now. In 2010, seafood certifications, like the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and Monterrey Bay, were still […]