Congressional Seafood Co.


Congressional Seafood Company, Inc. opened its doors in November 1996 with the mission to serve fine dining establishments and gourmet markets with high-end seafood. With some of the industry’s top salesmen and a processing room with highly trained fish cutters, we were able to offer a service that no other company in the area was able to achieve.

Over the years we have added some of the industry’s most talented salespeople and buyers. All our sales staff have many years in the business covering a wide variety of customers. We now service over 750 restaurants, country clubs, hotels, and high-end retail markets from Philadelphia to Virginia Beach.

We source our product from every corner of the globe, and our expert buyers are able to keep our prices attractive to our customers throughout the year.

We believe our growth to date —and our opportunities for success in the future—comes from a shared philosophy on the part of our people to always do the best job possible for our customers. We support the efforts of our employees through investment in facilities, equipment, and leading-edge technology.

We will continue to seek new opportunities to grow our businesses, and we are excited by the prospect of being an even greater success story.


22 years of congressional seafood co.