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Seafood this Week: Monday, October 14, 2019

1. DOMINANT YEAR CLASS OF SABLEFISH IN BERING SEA OFF ALASKA – Alaskan fishermen are seeing record numbers of young Black cod (also known as sablefish) in their forays into the ocean. The size of this year class of fish, spawned in 2014, is estimated TWICE the size of the previous record class spawned in 1977. Unfortunately, this is […]

Oyster Shucking Video with Amos LaClair

This Week in Seafood: October 7, 2019

1. LIVE LOBSTER – The lobster market is sky high. There are a few different factors causing these outrageous prices. A major weather system is headed North towards Maine keeping all the boats tied up for the next 3 days. We still have 10 days until certain regions of Canada open for fishing. On top of […]

This Week in Seafood: September 23

OYSTER PRICES AT 52 WEEK HIGH !!! Current pricing on gallons of selects are 14% higher than this time last year. They represent a true barometer of the scarcity of oysters nationwide and really tell the story of how record rainfalls in the Chesapeake & Mississippi watersheds, rain death on local oyster bars, killing hundreds […]

This Week in Seafood: September 9, 2019

1. HURRICANE DORIAN TIGHTENS SEAFOOD SUPPLY ACROSS MANY CATEGORIES – The storm that “wouldn’t go away” has finally gone away but only after smashing into Nova Scotia yesterday. Lobster prices took a quick 25 cent jump across the board. 2. FRESH CRABMEAT SUPPLY HAS TIGHTENED – Crabbers pulled their pots in Carolina last week and are […]

This Week in Seafood: September 3

HURRICANE DORIAN HAS FISHERMEN RUNNNG FOR COVER – Crabbers from South Carolina to Virginia have their eye on the storm and its track. Carolina fishermen started “pulling pots” and putting them on shore today. Shrimpers are not going to shrimp this week. POST LABOR DAY PRICE DECLINES – As the kids go back to school, […]

This week in Seafood: August 26, 2019

1. GREENLAND ICE SHEET IS MELTING FAST – This little country of only 55,000 people has been in the news lately so I did some reading on the Greenland Ice sheet. It covers 80% of the surface area of the country, 1500 miles long and 680 miles wide, with an average thickness of 7500 feet!!! It is […]

This Week in Seafood: August 19, 2019

1. LAST WEEK OF FRESH HPP VENEZUELAN CRABMEAT – “Conservation” has started on Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. There will be no crabmeat production again until late October. We will have enough meat to get through this week. There is no need to panic as domestic crabmeat from just about anywhere, Maryland, Carolina, & the Gulf of Mexico, is […]

This Week in Seafood: August 12, 2019

1. WILD SOCKEYE SALMON IN IDAHO? Yes, that is correct. Last week on August 1, the first of thousands of wild sockeye salmon navigated the Columbia river, then the Snake River, crossing 8 dams (via fish ladders) along the way, and returned to Redfish Lake in the Sawtooth Valley of Idaho to spawn. They travel over 900 miles and […]

This week in Seafood: August 5, 2019

1. TRUMP ADMIN REVERSES COURSE ON PEBBLE MINE ABOVE BRISTOL BAY – According to Seafood News, “Pebble Mine’s damage to the Bristol Bay watershed, which supports a 40-60 million salmon run annually, would be irreparable if the mine were approved.  A three-year EPA study released in 2014 found that the mine as proposed would destroy […]