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Congressional Seafood Company, Inc. opened its doors in November 1996 with the mission to serve fine dining establishments and gourmet markets with high end seafood. With some of the industry's top salesmen and a processing room with highly trained fish cutters, we were able to offer a service that no other company in the area was able to achieve.

Phone: 800.991.8750
Fax: 301.596.3975
Address: 7901 Oceano Ave Jessup, MD 20794

Welcome to congressional Seafood Co. Your Company's Choice For Top Quality Seafood

Welcome to Congressional Seafood, your best source for the myriad of seafood items which we have available. Our buyers seek out the best suppliers of top quality seafood from around the globe so that only the finest seafood products end up in your kitchens and on your customer’s plate.

  • rockfish
  • grouper
  • red snapper
  • croaker
  • cobia
  • mahi
  • flounder
  • dorade
  • salmon
  • monk
  • skate
  • fresh squid
  • bluefish
  • black bass
  • bronzino
  • trigger
  • stone crab claws